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Karjala Park is a modern tourist center with the variety of advantages:

  • Our own comfortable hotel with high-quality food.
  • High quality equipment and facilities.
  • Qualified and skilled tour guides who accompany customers during every trip or tour.
  • An extensive list of tourist offers, and each of them could be altered and adapted on customers' request.
  • A variety of tours (rafting, trekking, off-road tours, snowmobile tours, Husky trekking, expeditions) that discover the amazing region of Karelia.
  • Our dedication to high safety and high quality of service.

Karjala Park invites local business and other organizations to be our partner (travel agencies and clubs, equipment and equipment stores, insurance companies) in mutually beneficial programmes.

Such programmes contribute to the increase of sale and improvement of product lines, attract new customers and invest in the brand value.