High quality equipment and gear

A unique approach to recreation and tourism

Teach of qualified and trained guides

Special atmosphere

About the company

Put aside everything that is going on around you now and think for a moment…. What is important in your life?

This project started with a dream. The dream to give a little bit of happiness to the people around us, to inspire them to new deeds and accomplishments, to cheer them up when life gets harder and share the desire to move forward, never giving up or desponding. A dream to be with those who you really want to be with.

There are places where you want to stay and places which you do not want to leave. There are only a few of such places in the world and Karelia is one of them.

We travel around the world discovering its hidden corners and tend to forget that the most precious things are usually those by our side that we often overlook. We learn things out of comparison. We strongly believe that Russia is abundant in unique beautiful places and Karelia is a gem of Russia.

We invite you to the amazing, unusual and mysterious world of the Russian North. We offer you to re-discover it, look around and appreciate the untouched beauty of Karelian nature, find your own reflection in it and have a moment to look inside your soul.

We will be there for you so you can focus on the most important things. We will assure that the emotions you experience are worth cherishing for years.

Welcome to Karelia – welcome to Karjala Park!