Our team

Konstantin Zolotarev

Project Leader

Don’t get distracted by what others do, focus on what you do. Do your business with all your heart and soul. Believe in yourself and you succeed!

Dmitry Kuztentsov


If you want to change the world - become this change

Elena Zolotareva

Hotel manager

Do what you do and success will find you

Anna Moiseeva

Head of Sales Department

Genuine friendship doesn't need words

Alexander Kiselev

Chief instructor

You can always find time to look into your heart

Evgeny Zakharov

Head of Husky Tour Department

The most valuable skill one can have is the ability to appreciate the moment

Ruslan Poberzhin


Irina Zakharenkova

Customer Service Manager

A thousand miles journey starts with the first step

Diia Kiseleva

Customer Service Manager

Real life is where asphalts ends

Anastasia Pashkova


Find the inner harmony, everythng else will find you then.

Olga Frolova


Amalia Frolova


Aza Kozdoeva