Gift cards and certificates terms and conditions

The terms and conditions of use of Karjala Park gift cards and certificates of 1000, 2000 and 5000 rubles value and with unfixed value:

  1. To book a service paid by a certificate please call 8-800-3333-968, the time and date of the service should be settled by the manager.
  2. You may use the certificate to pay for the service within one visit of Karjala Park.
  3. Certificated without fixed value cannot be used from December, 28 to January, 10.
  4. One certificate can be used to pay for more than one service or tour.
  5. In case the certificate value exceeds the service or tour price, the difference is not refundable. If the service price exceeds the certificate, value the customer should pay for the difference in cash or by bank card.
  6. The certificate is valid within a year from the moment it is acquired. After one year the certificated is not valid. The price of the certificate not is not refundable.
  7. f a customer books a service stated in a certificate but the service was not delivered due to the circumstances beyond Karjala Park control (customers’ no show-up, illness) the certificated is to be annulled, the value of a certificated is not refunded.
  8. A certificate or gift card cannot be refunded by cash or returned to get money.
  9. A customer should show the plastic gift card on his arrival to Karjala Park. If lost the certificate is not to be restored.
  10. Наличие сертификата не гарантирует возможность оказания услуги в определенные даты, рекомендуем бронировать услугу за ранее! Having a certificate does not guarantee the provision of the service on the chosen date and time, you need to book a service in advance!
  11. By buying a gift card of certificate you agree to the terms and conditions stated on the following web-page