Elki-Palki programme is suitble for both the beginners and drivers with some ATV experience. The programme starts with briefing at Karjala Park. The instructor will offer you the equipment and riding gear. After learning ATV driving priniples, you start riding through the pine forest along the River Shuya. Following forest paths you reach the abandoned sand pit.
Changing landscapes and sceneries will impress each and every participant of the tour. The programme allows you to feel like the conquerer of the off-road and is a good practice for further adventures in "Quad-Bike" style.
On your return to Karjala Park you can enjoy the Krelian tea with pastry and share your emotions with fellow tourists.

  • Gathering at Karjala Park
  • Briefing
  • Theory and basic skills of ATV driving
  • Equipping
  • Practice of ATV driving
  • Driving the route
  • Returning the equipment
  • Tea with pastry


4500 rub./ person - 2 persons per ATV
7500 rub./ person - 1 person per ATV
7000 rub./ person* - individually, 2 persons per ATV
12000 rub./ person* - indovidually, 1 person per ATV

** minimum group for an individual tour is 2 persons, price for each participant including children

Duration 2 hours

Minimal group 2 persons

Price includes:

  • ATV rental
  • Tour guide
  • fuel and lubricants
  • equipment
  • Tea with Karelian pastry