Beautiful Riverside (3 km.)

The pines are reaching for the sky, the world around is purely white with snow and everything freezes for a moment so you can grasp the dreamlike beauty of the Karelian winter. Your heart may skip a beat when you see the glory of the wide river. Power of snowmobiles and the magnificent views of the winter forest can evoke emotions which will never fade away from your memory. 


1650 rub./person - 2 persons per snowmobile
2600 rub./person - 1 person per snowmobile
2100 rub./person - 31 Dec - 01 Jan, 2 persons per snowmobile
3600 rub./person - 31 Dec - 01 Jan, 1 persons per snowmobile

* the price is valid for winder season 2022-2023

Duration 40 min.

Minimal group 2

Price includes:

  • Tour guide
  • snowmobiles
  • equipment