Tours type

Beautiful Riverside (3 km.)

A 3-km route running along the Shuya river is an excellent choice for families with kids and those who has never driven a snowmobile before. 

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    Price from: 1650 rub./person

Winter Landscapes


10-km route includes various landscapes, so you can feel the power of a snowmobile and test your driving skills. The first part of the route passes along the flat riverside, the second part rans through the sandpit, where you can try to drive up and downhill.  

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    Price from: 3500 rub/person

Snowy Trail (20 km.)


20-km journey is a perfect option for those who would like to try driving a snowmobile but has little free time and not much of driving experience.  

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    Price from: 4700 rub./person

Forest Drive (70 km.)

One-day snowmobile tour.

Do you seek for overwhelming emotions?

Do you want to witness amazing landscapes of the Southern Karelia and  ride on the frozen lakes? Are you ready to dedicate the whole day to the winter adventure?

This tour is perfect for you!

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    Price from: 8500 rub./person

White-White Day

The whole day full of white sparkling snow, speed, drive and connection with nature. It is a tour for those who loves speed and want to grasp the the beauty of Karelian nature.

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    Price from: 15 000 rub/person

One-day tour to Kizhi

A snowmobile trip to the legeday Kizhi.

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    Price from: on request

Onego Weekend

Two-day snowmobile trip to Kizhi Island

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    Price from: on request

Legend of Kizhi

Three-day snowmobile tour to Kizhi Island

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    Price from: on request


A snowmobile toure to an old Karelian village Kinerma.
Approximate distance ~ 110 km.

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    Price from: on request

Autmosphere of the Past

This tour will give you the opportunity to fully immerse yourself in the atmosphere of  Karelian history, after traveling to the village of Kinerma, the last village to preserve its original appearance.

You will cherish the memories about the Karelian winter landscapes, unique architecture and the greetings of the local people. During the tour you will forget about the civilization, traveling the old Karelian village . You will stay two nights in a genuine Karelian house built in the 18th century, visit old-fashioned Karelian banya, and try and cook open rye pies - Kalitky.

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    Price from: on request

Karelia is an amazing land where the elements intertwine, where you can feel like a real predator, where you can get a huge dose of adrenaline. But, at the same time, it is a land where you can absolutely relax, completely forget about civilization and plunge into the atmosphere of relaxation and inspiration.

What could be better than to plunge completely into the atmosphere of relaxation and not worry about organizing your tour ?! This is what Karjala Park in Petrozavodsk is doing. You name your preferences, and the specialists select the most suitable tour. Karjala Park organizes tours to Karelia (southern, northern, central) and the Murmansk region, in any season, at any time.

You live in Petrozavodsk and don't want to go far away for a vacation ?! And you don't need it! You live in the most tourist-rich center of Russia. Call friends from all over the world and go on an unforgettable journey, especially since it is also inexpensive compared to the cost of such foreign tours. These can be tours:

  • on foot
  • in harness
  • on ATVs
  • on SUVs
  • on snowmobiles
Hiking & Husky Tours

Hiking is the truest kind of tourism. Just imagine, you are walking with a backpack on your back, along trails that no vehicle will pass. Only you and nature. Trekking is a complete immersion in the world of wildlife, complete immersion in a wild atmosphere. Active and adventurous people will undoubtedly appreciate this type of travel. The cost of the tours depends on the duration of the route:

Traveling with dogs is an additional dose of good mood, friendliness and safety! Walking with dogs is designed for several hours (from 2 to 7) or for several days (from 1 to When traveling in Karelia, you will have breakfast, lunch, dinner and overnight in the field, which will add another drop of additional emotions and impressions.

If you want to have an inexpensive vacation, but get the most impressions, then Husky tours are just for you! Moreover, the cost of the tours is very attractive. It is worth noting that you will be transferred by transfer from Petrozavodsk to start the walk and back to Petrozavodsk at the end.

ATV trips in the Khibiny suggest a route about 300 km long, 4-5 days of unforgettable sensations and unbridled adrenaline. The ATV routes are laid out so that you can see as much of the beauty of the mountainous region as possible and enjoy the most picturesque views. The cost of the tours already includes the services of a professional guide and ATV rental.

Off-road vehicle trips are the most comfortable and longest. Well, and, accordingly, since the speed of movement is high enough, you have the opportunity to travel more and, accordingly, inspect more terrain. For a tour on off-road vehicles, a car is issued to you on the spot, which means that you can come from anywhere in the country, even from Vladivostok, even from Moscow, even from Petrozavodsk, and still enjoy this type of travel. Car rental is already included in the tour price.

Water tourism

This is not only fishing, swimming in clean lakes, but also river rafting. Overcoming thresholds, fighting the elements - and all this against the backdrop of stunning nature! You will definitely not remain indifferent, and even more so, you will want to repeat it more than once! Once you enjoy the adrenaline, it is impossible to stop.

Rafting down the river may not last long (several hours), or it may take several days. Everything is at your discretion. You can also choose the difficulty level: easy or normal, but, in any case, both levels are suitable for beginners, it all depends on the level of the desired extreme. The cost of a water tour to Karelia varies depending on your desires and capabilities.

Snowmobile tours

Perhaps, you need to start with the fact that snowmobiling is a purely winter entertainment, and at least for this reason, snowmobiling is quite unique. This is another good opportunity for active and curious individuals to explore new horizons in a new and exciting way. The republic itself is beautiful and rich in mesmerizing landscapes, and tours become even more tempting and attractive with the Petrozavodsk company Karjala Park.